presenteis a global movement for building up communities of alternatives in education and social innovation.

Wanna have fun changing the world? presentemobilizes learning communities and engages a distributed network. We increase social capital by collaboration and cooperation. In non hierarchic and self-organizing processes. Playful and pragmatic. Our goal is a transformation of our education systems. Let’s create a positive momentum. Ahooo!


Collaboration. Alternative education initiatives and regular schools work together. Educators, social innovators and international organizations are working on the same goal.
Participation in transformation process. Everybody can and should be part of the process.
Social responsibility. The man and woman in the streets need to voice their opinion.
Inclusivity and unity. Stop separation. We just overcome our nowadays challenges together.
+ Playfulness and courageous confidence. We have to get active and have the space to learn together, to make mistakes and create new solutions. Don’t forget. It is a game. :)


+ We run Edu on Tour. In our conscious leadership program we facilitate a disruptive group learning process in which the leaders of a new generation are challenged to create a movement with people they don’t know and in regions of our world they have never been before. Their assignments are to identify and promote inspiring initiatives that are reinventing schools.

+ We hack our education system. We ask for more creativity and a stronger participation of diverse and intergenerational groups in decision making processes in order to solve future challenges of our society. Therefor we organize 24h Education Hackathons all around the world. Within 24 hours a crowd between 60 and 100 people come together and work on collaborative education projects.

+ We build up Self- Organized Learning Spaces. Finally and with the support of our local communities we build up Self-Organized Learning Spaces in order to create room for meetings, learning, sharing and caring. Connected and rooted in nature our spaces will give home to a new generation of conscious leaders, healers, educators, caretakers, artists, designers and beautiful people.

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