+ presenteis a creative think & do tank for building up communities of practice in education and for social innovation worldwide.

//Our history and current situation//

+ After 4 years of researching and prototyping solutions for mobilizing global communities and engaging a distributed crowd of education game changers and social innovators we are currently restructuring our network organization in order to apply our learnings on a global scale. Be part of the movement! Help us to write new stories.

//Social Impact of presente!//

+ Since 2011 more than 160 education activists have been involved. Together we organized and mobilized local communities and social fields from Brazil to Bangladesh, from Belgium to Kenya, from Egypt to Australia.

+ We developed a 6-weeks leadership program and research journeys for education activists and policy makers that creates an imediate and sustainable impact. Since 2011 we have successfully executed 4 self-organized learning journeys Edu on Tour (Austria, Northern EU, and 2x Brazil), visited 120 schools and filmed more than 30 hs for a collaborative documentary about the education (r)evolution in Brazil. Teaser on YouTube: #MoreThanEducation

+ We initiated and co-hosted #CONANE, the 1st national conference for alternative education in Brazil for 500 participants and 50 alternative education initiatives and education activists. During first conference the 3rd Brazilian Manifest was presented to the Ministry of Education. Following the conference, 30+ regional meetings took place and the “National Democratic Education Network” was formed. CONANE is an ongoing biennial collaborative conference.

+ We initiated and contributed to the global on-line map of alternatives in education (Reevo) which showcases alternative education initiatives to the general public. In order to prove that alternative education systems are already in place. Our next step will be to bring this map alive.

+ In the beginning of 2013 presente! developed the concept of #Education Hackathon; more than 40 on-going local eduhacks have taken place all around the world and we are working on a Self-Organized Global Classroom for transformative communities in education. The largest 24h Education Hackathon just took place in the Netherlands with more than 15 teams and awards worth more than € 150.000.-.

+ In 2015 presente! was invited to bring in its expertise in innovative program design and development to the EU funded project EiYoU! – Using Innovation in education to tackle Youth Unemployment. We were able to test the Edu on Tour and 24h Education Hackathon Methodologies with school students and teachers. There is great potential for the future!

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