Why Edu on Tour?

In our opinion our current educational system doesn’t support a healthy environment neither for the children nor the teachers. Instead of creating an environment of curiousity, creativity, playfullness and willingness to learn it enables the opposite. So we run Edu on Tour! Take a look on our short description: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeoA2fiBykU

We promote environments which help kids to fully develop their potential, to follow their passion and live up to a natural human behaviour.

During our research for outstanding examples we realized that there are many more who are like us. On an Edu on Tour we want to meet them, connect with them on a deeper level and build up strong relationships to co create our future together.

Homepage of the project Edu on Tour: www.eduontour.org 

What are our goals for Edu on Tour?

+ Be presente! We make alternative education visible for the public. (Concret result: Next Edu Map)
+ Be together! We build up a community of educators. Globally: exchange of knowledge and experience and locally – getting involved with local businesses, communities,… (Concret result: local gatherings and a national conference – in Brazil: CONANE 2013)
+ Be aware! We learn how to live and work in the future. In a community and with an knowmadic lifestyle. (Concret result: a documentary and a book about Edu on Tour 2013: Brazil)

Edu on Tour 2013: Brazil

Edu on Tour 2012: Northern Europe

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